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Cyborg technology can be:
  • Restorative - e.g. lost functions, limbs
  • Normalizing - e.g. restore to the "norm"
  • Reconfiguring - e.g. Posthuman
  • Enhancing - e.g. Military research

"Chela Sandoval tracks the correspondence between cyborg feminism and what she calls US Third World feminism, ... As she sees it, "colonized peoples of the Americas have already developed the cyborg skills required for survival - 'cyborg consciousness' has a long lineage sited in forms of opposition to domination." The methodology of the oppressed,...through practices such as semiotics and deconstruction, similarly chimes with the cyborg metaphor, since both represent forms of differential or oppositional consciousness, and both suggest new ways of thinking, acting and living together. "
David Bell

Q2. What does Sandoval mean when she states that 'cyborg consciousness' has a long lineage sited in forms of opposition to domination?

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