Nursing Informatics Competencies
General Computer Knowledge Rubric
Name: ________________________ Self Assessment


3- Most Of The Time
2- Some Of The Time
1- Seldom


Can you name one input device and one output device? .


RAM Memory:

Do you know what RAM stands for and how much RAM your computer has?



Do you know what an "icon" is and what to do with it?



Do you know how to use a mouse to "drag" an item?



Do you know the acceptable form for a filename?


File Structure:

Do you know how to search for a file on your computer?



Do you know what a modem is used for?


Operating: :

Do you know how to reboot your computer?



Do you know how to run a disc or CD to access a file?



Do you know how to work with two or more programs at once?

Add Up Overall Scores --------------->      

Total Score___________

If you score above 32 points, you probably have the skill level you need.

If you score between 20 and 30, you have some skill but need more practice.

If you score below 20, you need more training and practice.

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