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CE Courses in Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics Learning Center

All courses have been painstakedly developed to reflect a 21st century, techno-savvy, theory-rich lens of Nursing Informatics. Content is presented using a wide-angle, global lens to help nurses develop keen insight and awareness of all ramifications of the informatics spectrum of health care. A constructivist, project-rich, learner-centered mode of teaching and learning is applied to provide content that both challenges and stimulates learners to engage with the many faces of informatics in meaningful ways.

These completely on-line, self paced courses are approved by the California Board of Nursing for full CE credit; CE Provider No. CEP 14891. VERIFY LICENCE HERE . Most State & Country licencing Boards accept CE credit approved by other State Boards.


Courses range from short 5 contact hour courses to 39 contact hours. The 39 contact hour courses are intensive - you will definitely become immersed in the theory and practice of nursing informatics, from a global perspective. Course Tuition is ranges from $20 to $199 USD. Learn more about the Curriculum Designer/Facilitator, June Kaminski....

NRPR 101: Nursing Informatics Fundamentals

This 13 module course introduces the practicing nurse to nursing informatics theory, practice applications, self-assessment and skill development for the future. A great preparation for those thinking of seeking NI certification. 39 contact hours - $199 tuition.

NRPR 102: Human Factors in Nursing Informatics

This 5 hour course introduces nurses to human factors essential to effective application of nursing informatics in practice. Topics focus on the human factors of ergonomics, human-computer interaction, usability, learnability, memorability, likeability, readability, asepsis, and aesthetics. This course has been designed for prepare nurses to meet the requirements of various certification programs, e.g. Topic II: Human Factors. 5 contact hours - $20.

NRED 100: Virtual Education in Nursing: Basic Level

This 13 module course introduces nursing educators to basic theory, pedagogy, applications, dynamics and the process of web development and teaching nursing in the virtual environment. Perfect for educators and nurses heavily involved with client teaching. 39 contact hours - $199 tuition.

NRED 103: Nursing Informatics in the Classroom

This 13 module course introduces nursing educators and students to the theory, application, technical skills and process of integrating nursing informatics into nursing education and practice. Perfect for educators in academia and clinical areas. 39 contact hours - $199 tuition.

NRED 200: Virtual Education in Nursing: Intermediate Level

This 13 module course provides nursing educators with advanced theory, pedagogy, applications, dynamics and process activities for advanced web development and teaching nursing in the virtual environment. Perfect for educators and nurses heavily involved with client teaching. 39 contact hours - $199 tuition.

NRBU 100: Web Presence for Nursing Businesses

This 13 module course introduces self-employed nurses and nurses wishing to provide health related web sites on the internet to the theory, application, ethics, and process of creating web sites for business and patient education. 39 contact hours - $199 tuition.


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This ezine is produced and written by June Kaminski, creator and designer of Nursing Informatics.com.

June is available for consultation in relation to nursing informatics for practice, business, education and research. She has been involved in nursing informatics education, research and business since 1987 and is currently completing her PhD dissertation in Curriculum Studies at the University of British Columbia (with a focus on nursing informatics). Recent e-learning contracts with US and Canadian universities include course design in Technology for Teachers; Nursing Informatics for Masters Nursing students; First Nations Politics and Education; Statistics for Business Administration; and Nurses Influencing Change. Besides nursing informatics, her other current key research interests are First Nations Pedagogy. Ecology and Activism in Nursing and Music and Infant Development. June has signed a Publisher's Agreement with a prominent education publisher to write a textbook on Nursing Informatics which will be published within the next year.

Other services available include web and graphic design, CD and audiotape cover design, ezine and newsletter design, curriculum development (especially on-line), web content writing, and report/paper publishing. Go to our Commerce Center or Hygeia Designs, to find out more.

Upcoming events in Nursing Informatics & Leadership
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Gosier, Guadeloupe, France
27th - 30th
ICETI 2011
Orlando, Florida
12th - 14th
Nursing Informatics:
Blazing the HIT Trail

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
3rd - 4 th
NANDA-I - Latin American Symposia
São Paulo, Brazil
23rd - 27 th
NI 2012 - 11th International Congress on Nursing Informatics
Montreal, Canada

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