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Study: Nurses Not Trained for IT

With health care organizations investing millions into IT, it may seem a little strange to find that most nurses receive little or no IT training. .

But that's exactly the result of one of the most comprehensive surveys to date about nurses and their IT work environment, conducted by health IT provider CDW Healthcare.

One of the most surprising findings was that one-quarter indicated they had received no IT training on the job over the last year, while another 56 percent said they had gotten only between one and eight hours of IT training.

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Nurses Losing Faith In NHS IT Developments, UK

Nurses' positive views on national NHS IT developments are changing reveals a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) survey published today. This is the largest ever survey of nurses' attitudes to IT and information issues. The survey shows that nurses still feel ignored when it comes to NHS IT decision making. It also highlights that they receive little training on using IT and information and struggle to get access to a PC at work.

Over four thousand nurses from across the UK took part in the third annual RCN survey on NHS IT developments. The survey found that whilst 87% of nurses felt it was important that they were consulted about IT plans, only 12% felt they had been adequately consulted. Although 38% said they have had adequate information about current NHS IT developments, 61% said they have not, including 26% who have had none at all.

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Prescriptions go electronic

Doctors send orders for patients' drugs directly to a pharmacy with new software. Filling a prescription from your doctor's clinic may soon get a lot easier, faster and possibly safer. PatientCare Family Clinic was among the first in Missouri to send prescriptions electronically to participating pharmacies, but more area clinics will have the ability in the near future, said clinic medical director Dr. Tom Landholt.

Electronic prescribing eliminates time-consuming paperwork and phone calling between the doctor's office and pharmacist, it prevents mistakes that occur in deciphering handwriting or retyping drug data at the pharmacy. And it can streamline the time it takes for a patient to get a prescription filled or refilled, Landholt said.

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Technical assists - Online Medicine Cabinet

One day soon, you may hear your medicine cabinet talking, and it won't be because you've lost your mind. The Online Medicine Cabinet recognizes faces, speaks if you mistakenly grab the wrong pill bottle, checks the pollen level, sends your doctor readings from the attached blood pressure monitor and all but swallows your pill for you.

n discussing mass marketing with potential manufacturers, Accenture, the global technology consulting company that made three prototypes of the cabinet, has dropped one big name: Baby boomers. Merging technology and boomer consumerism, as in the medicine cabinet, promises a bonanza of "smart" devices to transform health care, starting with tailored checkups at home and going all the way to solutions for the nationwide crisis of the uninsured. Pilot programs already have been testing the logistical, health and social impact of various inventions.

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Design Corner

Planning Your First Web Site - Your Sitemap

June KaminskiDesign Tutorial Series:
Part 1 Sitemaps

Planning your first web site can seem like a daunting task, and in a way, it is. Careful and practical planning can make the job much easier - not to mention, more fun to boot! It is very helpful to write down a schematic plan before you even think about learning to code, or to use a html editor to help you with the coding for your site. Even if you use a pre-made template, you will still need to plan the contents of your site.

Your Sitemap is the Heart of your Site

First off, think about the number of pages you wish to create, and decide on the absolutely essential components. All of your pages will be linked to the central core of your site, your Sitemap.

As well, all of the key pages of your site should be included in your navigation scheme, which is then repeated on each page of your site. An easy example of a navigation scheme looks like this:

| Sitemap | Portfolio | Contact | Services | Resources | News |

As you can see, the Sitemap is the very first item on the navigation bar, giving the visitor to a site easy access to the entire site's map. This is important, because visitors don't always know how or where to access a site's sitemap. Read Jakob Nielson's useful article on Site Map Usability for more information on this topic.

If your site is going to have more than say, ten pages, you will probably not include each and every page on your navigation bar. This is when a sitemap becomes especially useful.

A sitemap is basically an entire page of your site devoted to the contents of your site. It includes every single page and option available on your site.

Some examples of excellent informative sitemaps are visible on the following pages. Notice the different ways that sitemaps can be organized, some simple, others more colorful and complex:

Some Handy Sitemap Generator Tools

  • Google now offers an open source tool for you to create easy, comprehensive sitemaps that will actually help your site with search engine optimization, an important part of attracting visitor traffic to your site! Visit Google Sitemap Generator to create an account to download their XML_Echo Sitemap Generator software. It's simple and free!

  • Freefind also offers automatic site map creator software (they have both a free and subscription package available) to help to streamline the process of creating your sitemap, especially if it needs frequent updates. Visit Freefind to find out more.

  • Search Bliss Web Tools offers an online simple sitemap generator tool to help you create an attractive sitemap in a very short amount of time. Try their Sitemap Generator for yourself!

  • Auto Map it! also offers Search Engine Optimization sitemap creation to suit all search engines, including Google. They also share the results with you so that you can show your sitemap on your site, to help your visitors navigate your site. Try Auto Map it! to save yourself time and money.

So, whether you use a simple unordered list approach to hand-code your sitemap, or you use a sophisticated tiered layered approach via one of the above softwares, your sitemap is an important part of your site. It is second only to your main index entry page - so make it clear, easy to find, informative, and most of all, up to date!

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