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Nurse Informaticians Selected for Induction into Nursing Fellowship

USA — Six nurse informaticians, all leaders in the emerging nursing informatics profession, are to be inducted into the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) as Fellows, Saturday evening, Nov. 13, 2010, at the AAN Annual Meeting and Conference.

The incoming AAN Fellows are Amy Barton, Patricia Dykes, Jacqueline Moss, Susan Matney, Joyce Sensmeier, and Charlotte Weaver. AAN is recognizing them for their individual accomplishments within the nursing profession and for their contributions to transforming America's health care system through design of electronic health record systems that support nursing workflow, critical decision support and best practices.

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Medical Informatics: A healthcare profession snapshot

WASHINGTON - If you are looking for a career that offers stability, flexibility and advancement, consider the growing field of medical informatics.

Medical informaticians apply the principles of computer and information science to the advancement of life sciences research, patient care, health professions education and public health, according to the American Medical Informatics Association.

Informaticians are responsible for effectively organizing, analyzing, managing and using the complex and increasing amount of information necessary in both healthcare delivery and research.

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Researchers Create Collaborative Health Care Web Space (International)

Researchers have turned to the web to help cure Lymphedema, a chronic condition that causes swelling of the limbs and affects physical and mental health.

The disease typically comes as a result of breast-cancer treatment and is the second most dreaded side effect. While the disease itself has been around a while, it's only int he last decade and a half that it has been understood.

"There are potentially millions impacted by Lymphedema. We need to compare one treatment against another. We need to look at different categories of patients and find out what we can do better with the evidence shown based in research based studies."

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Federal agencies are forging what some experts call “industrial-strength health information exchanges,” high-level, standards-based HIEs that will provide public- and private-sector healthcare providers the tools necessary for sophisticated clinical information sharing.

Working under the auspices the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) community, a group of 26 health agencies and offices, they have developed increasingly detailed versions of “Connect,” a set of software tools and standards that drive some of the most sophisticated HIEs now operating.

Connect-powered HIEs are now up and running between the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, and with private-sector healthcare providers whose clinicians treat military patients.

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Harnessing Nursing Informatics
for Voice, Action, and Networking


Videotaped Presentation, 3 videos, June Kaminski, Plenary Speaker

S H A R I N G O U R S U C C E S S E S : Ways of Knowing, Ways of Doing

BC Nurses' Union Practice Conference, Vancouver, BC Canada - May 5, 2010

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Presentation Overview

  • Nursing Informatics
    • – an evolving Science
    • – an evolving Art
  • Nursing Informatics and Voice
  • Nursing Informatics and Action
  • Nursing Informatics and Networking

Presentation Video and Podcasts (mov, wmv, Mp3 formats)

June Kaminski, Part 1 of 3    RT: 16:44

June Kaminski

June Kaminski, Part 2 of 3    RT: 18:51

June Kaminski

June Kaminski, Part 3 of 3    RT: 17:12

June Kaminski

The recordings above are also viewable on the WorkingTV site

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