Resources on QSR NUD*IST Software
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Guidelines to help with using NUD*IST

Introducing N6: A workshop handbook - 20 page pdf handbook on using Nud*ist 6 software by Lyn Richards (2000). This handbook offers an overview of N6 in eight steps. Each explains processes of doing qualitative research with N6, advises on getting started and points you to the full online help on that topic (PDF)

Nud*ist 4 Classic Guide - Although this tutorial is focused on version 4, Dr. Bobbi Kerlin's work is detailed and still applicable to the use of version 6. Comprehensive overview of index tree systems, document preparation, starting a new project, coding, searching, command files and analyzing data.

Nud*ist 4 - Introductory Handbook - 88 page pdf document that not only describes in detail how Nud*ist works, but also covers the basics of project development, qualitative analysis and so on - transferable to Nud*ist 6. (PDF). - a professional development initiative 2000 - 2005