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Discussion Lists

What are Listserves and Discussion Lists Anyway?

Listservs refers both to a mailing service for discussion groups and electronic conferences, and the discussion groups or lists themselves. There are literally thousands of Listserv discussion groups covering a bevy of topics. You must formally subscribe to a Listserv to become a list member. Messages written by other list members will then be sent directly to your email account where you can read, delete, reply to, or save them. An active discussion list can result in numerous messages everyday, so be sure to check your email account regularly, delete unwanted messages, and make sure you can manage the volume.

Listserv Addresses

Each list has at least two addresses: the Listserve host address and the actual List address. The Listserv host address is used to subscribe or unsubscribe to a Discussion List. Listserv host addresses are usually easy to recognize if they begin with the name Listserv. In recent years, though, that has become less of a commonality. Usually though, an information site is available to guide you through the subscription process. The List Name address is used for sending and receiving List messages to and from other List members.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to a Discussion List

EXAMPLE: To subscribe to the list "nursing-l", a nursing informatics list on the Listserv host LISTSERV@lists.umass.edu you need to: Start an email session, and prepare to compose a new message.

Leave the subject line blank unless instructed to type something in it, for instance, the word "subscribe".

To: LISTSERV@lists.umass.edu

- - Message Text - -

subscribe nursing-l jane doe

To Unsubscribe from the same list, send an identical message, except replace "subscribe" with "unsubscribe".

Other List Serv Commands

Besides subscribing and unsubscribing there are several other useful commands that you can send to the LIST SERV address including:

  • set [listname] nomail - temporarily stops delivery of email from a Listserv.
  • set [listname] mail - resumes delivery of email from a Listserv.
  • help - gets basic help with using a Listserv.
  • list short - get a brief description of the particular lists served by a Listserv host.
  • list global - get a list of all known Listservs.
  • where [listname] - to find the name and location of a list, e.g. nursing-l list

Sending Messages to a List

To participate in a discussion list, once subscribed, you can either reply to all the subscribers on the list, reply to the person who originated a message only, or compose a new message and send it to the listname address (not the list serv address!). Clear instructions on how to interact on a particular list are always given, once you subscribe successfully.

Online Directories of Lists & Resources (click on Site title to View)

A prime mailing List Directory (Thousands of mailing Lists)
Listuniverse is one of the most comprehensive source of mailing lists covering a multitude of topics and interests.

Has a varied list of relevant Nursing discussion lists for developing and active nurse professionals.

Nursing Discussion Forums
Offers a list of 52 Nursing discussion lists that you can join. Go to the site, and look them over! From Addictions Nursing to Nursing Research to UnionTalk.

Telemedicine and Telehealth Lists
Comprehensive list of discussion lists related to the telehealth movement, practice, research, and experiences.

The Reference to Internet Discussion and Information Lists

Pertinent Mailing and Discussion Lists to Join

(for Action Research List) is maintained at Southern Cross University in Australia. People interested in Action Research occasionally post things there. To subscribe to the list, use your e-mail to send a message to: listproc@scu.edu.au The message should read: Subscribe ARLIST-L Your Name and contain no other words.

Student Activism Information
(Click title to subscribe via the web), or send an email to: CAN-YFN-subscribe@topica.com with a subject of "subscribe" whose body just says: sub can-yfn Firstname Lastname . Several other activist lists are available on this site as well.

A moderated discussion list to share nursing, informatics, and other related topics.

Evidence Based Health (EBH) .
EBH is the application of critical appraisal to problems in health care. Send an e-mail to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with the message: subscribe evidence-based-health

An e-mail discussion list that focuses on all aspects of intimate abuse and examines the phenomena from a feminist perspective. To subscribe, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fivers.

A discussion list for geriatric health care professionals. To join, go to http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=gerinet&A=1 and complete the online form.

A discussion list for health care professionals interested in issues of culture and health care. You may subscribe by sending the following command in the body of your message: subscribe GLOBALRN Your_first_name Your_last_name To: listserv@listserv.ucsf.edu Leave the subject field blank.

A moderated discussion group for practicing nurses. To join, send message to listserv@kentvm.kent.edu Text: subscribe GRADNRSE yourfirstname yourlastname. For example: subscribe GRADNRSE jane smith. <.p>

A discussion list for topics in the area of management,
operation and other issues of Home Healthcare. To join, send message to listserv@usa.net Text: subscribe HOMEHLTH yourfirstname yourlastname.

Nursing Informatics is a discussion group with a focus on issues relating to electronic resources in nursing. To join Nursing Informatics, simply go to http://mailman.amia.org/mailman/listinfo/nrsing-l and complete the online form.

This list also a discussion group focusing on nursing informatics. To join, send message to listserv@psuvm.psu.edu Text: sub NSGINF-L yourfirstname yourlastname.

Nursing Informatics Online
An online forum for nursing informatics and healthcare informatics professionals. Discussion, articles, links, industry news, and more. Nursing PDAs
An open and unmediated discussion on the use of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in nursing brought to you by RNpalm.

A unmoderated discussion group in the areas of nursing administration, practice, education, and research. To join, send message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU In the body of message type: SUBSCRIBE NURSENET

is a listserver for nurses interested or involved in research. To subscribe send an e-mail to: Listserv@listserv.kent.edu with the message: SUBSCRIBE NURSRES

Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, Criticism, and Literary theory campfire Chat:
This is a message board for deep thinkers.

This is a discussion list for psychiatric nurses.To join, send message to listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu Text: subscribe psynurse yourfirstname yourlastname

An electronic mailing list which provides a forum for the discussion of issues in any variety of qualitative research. To subscribe: send the email message subscribe QUAL-L Your Name (e.g. subscribe QUAL-L Margaret Thatcher) to listproc@scu.edu.au without signature or subject, from your usual email account Inquiries may be sent to Bob Dick bdick@scu.edu.au

A discussion forum for (PhD) doctoral nursing students. To join, send message to LISTSERV@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU with the command: SUBSCRIBE RNPHDC-L

Student Nurse List
A moderated Yahoo discussion group for students in nursing. Visit the site to join (click on list title to go to site).

Women's Health Lists
An extensive directory of various Women's health related discussion lists, including some specifically for nurses.

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