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Canadian Health Computer Drivers Licence Concept Paper
"A number of healthcare IT individuals have expressed an interest in developing a strategy for adoption of a qualification similar to the ECDL (European Computer Drivers Licence) for Canadian health care practitioners. This paper is meant to serve as a catalyst to begin a dialogue about how this might be realized." Information sheet available in pdf or email Lisa Meginbir .

Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics
The official Canadian nursing informatics journal, created to showcase Nursing Informatics initiatives in Canada and around the world. A peer-reviewed venue for Canadian nurses and other researchers who work with Nursing Informatics to disseminate their research, essays, reviews, presentations, multimedia and other digital publishable materials on a global scale.

Canadian Organization for Advancement of Computers in Health (COACH)
An organization of more than 750 health executives, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, researchers, educators, information technology managers and vendors. Members form a network of specialists in the Healthcare industry across Canada. This network provides an opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas through personal contact with colleagues, locally and nationally.

Canadian Society for Telehealth
We are the first Canadian non-profit health association devoted to Telehealth. We promote all aspects of telehealth -- the use of communication and information technologies to deliver health care over large and small distances. We were launched during the TExpo ’98 conference that took place October 4th to 7th, 1998, in Fredericton, New Brunswick. We have 153 founding members from academic, individual, and corporate sectors.

CIHI: Canadian Institute of Health Information
This organization provides up-to-date information on what we know and don't know about the performance of Canada's health care system. Topics covered in the report include the continuum of care, health expenditures, Canada's health care professionals, and outcomes of care. Included with this report is the Health Indicators insert, providing new data on a range of health and health system-related indicators at both regional and provincial/territorial levels.

National Nursing Informatics Project
In 1998 a national steering committee was formed to address Nursing Informatics issues and develop strategies to ensure that Registered Nurses have the competencies required to successfully carry out the responsibilities of their practice - whether that be clinical, administrative, educational or research. The committee membership represented the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, Canadian Nurses Association, Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia, Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses and COACH Nursing Informatics Group. Slide presentation of this Canadian national project.

Nursing-Informatics.com - Infusing Nurses with Power for the 21st Century
This Nursing Informatics site offers unique comprehensive resources for Nurses interested in developing related knowledge and applicable skills. This site, created by June Kaminski from Western Canada is intended to become an online mecca for Nurses enthusiastic about the evolving topic of Nursing Informatics in practice, education, research and administration. Also offers approved Continuing Education courses in Nursing Informatics.

The Revealing of Nursing Informatics: Exploring the Field...
Comprehensive literature review on the diverse aspects of Nursing Informatics, viewed through multiple lens which reflect the nuances surrounding the topic as Antithesis, Artifact, Utility, Technique, Agency, Networks, and Power.

The In/Visibility of Nurses in Cyberculture
PhD work devoted to the analysis of nurses' presence in cyberspace as communities of practice, authors, designers, disseminators of health information, in dialogue, and nursing's media image.

What is Nursing Informatics and why is it so important?
Canadian Nurses Association Bulletin: Nursing Now, Number 11, September 2001. A detailed comprehensive newsletter feature outlining the status and need for nursing informatics development in Canada.


A Genre Approach to Applying Critical Social Theory to Information Systems Development
Tero Päivärinta Information Technology Research Institute University of Jyvaskyla, Finland presented this paper, "Critical Social Theory has been regarded as an alternative approach to information systems development in the era of ubiquitous information technologies and extensive applications."

British Computer Society
This is the web site of the IT professional body in Britain: is the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals.

Telemedicine Information Exchange & Research Center
Comprehensive, international, quality filtered online resource for information about telemedicine and telemedicine related activities. A non-profit public service research organization dedicated to promoting telemedicine research and the creating, managing and disseminating infromation about telemedicine related issues.

The JMIR: Journal of Medical Internet Research
The international scientific journal for e-Health, founded in 1999, is the first international scientific peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of research, information and communication in the healthcare field using Internet and Intranet-related technologies; a broad field, which is nowadays called "eHealth" and which has significant overlaps with the field of "consumer health informatics."

VIPS Portal: Nursing Planning and Documentation
European initiatives, services and courses related to nursing record systems, planning and documentation. VIPS Portal offers the opportunity to test tools, or more specific electronic versions of nursing records. The purpose is to show you some examples of nursing documentation based on the structuralist methods of VIPS Model


American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA)
Founded in 1992, ANIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting nurses who design, implement and manage information technology and systems that enhance nursing education, clinical practice and research through networking, education, and professional activities.

The Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing. CARING was developed and organized by area nurses in 1982 as a non-profit undertaking to provide a forum for the advancement of automated healthcare information systems.

Computer-Based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care
Health care professionals and policymakers seeking to ensure greater value in health care services face many boundary conditions that are fixed and a host of problems that are not. Today, the opportunity to affect one of those boundary conditions—the information management capabilities in health care—is within our grasp. This report advocates the prompt development and implementation of computer-based patient records (CPRs). Put simply, this Institute of Medicine committee believes that CPRs and CPR systems have a unique potential to improve the care of both individual patients and populations and, concurrently, to reduce waste through continuous quality improvement.

Healthcare Informatics
Online Journal, news and resources related to computer technology and healthcare.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
Provides leadership in healthcare for the management of technology, information, and change through publications, educational opportunities, and member services. HIMSS has more than 43 chapters and more than 12,000 members working in healthcare organizations throughout the world. Members include healthcare professionals in hospitals, corporate healthcare systems, clinical practice groups, vendor organizations, healthcare consulting firms, and government bodies.

NCNA: Council on Nursing Informatics
The American Nurses Association identified nursing informatics as an area of specialty practice. In may, 1993, the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA) approved the formation of a Council on Nursing Informatics (CoNI) as a structural unit of the organization. The Council offers opportunities for nurse informaticists and other nurses interested in informatics to meet, network, discuss issues, and attend programs that enhance their knowledge of the specialty.

The Nurses' Place at Meditech
This site has been created to assist health professionals using the Meditech Hospital and Nursing Information Systems. It is just a place to share ideas and find someone to network with.

Nursing Informatics Competency Project
Presented by the New York University School of Medicine, this site offers a nursing competency tutorial, clinical research forms, and nursing CEU information.

Nursing Informatics Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Susan K Newbold - a useful page outlining helpful answers to commonly asked questions by nurses interested in developing competency in nursing informatics.

Nursing Informatics and Nurses
Online electronic supplement for the book, Informatics and Nurses by Linda Thede, Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

PDA Cortex - The Journal of Mobile Informatics
An online journal dedicated to the use of mobile computing in nursing. On these pages nurses and all members of the healthcare team, can keep abreast of the changes in Mobile Informatics, and collaborate to advance Mobile Computing in healthcare.

The Informatics Review
E-journal of the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems. The Informatics Review is a electronic serial designed to allow busy medical and information system professionals interested in the latest academic developments in clinical informatics and computing to stay abreast of this rapidly evolving field.

The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics - OJNI
The first online nursing informatics journal, this quarterly publication offers informative articles and links on nursing informatics in a variety of contexts.

What is Social Informatics and Why Does it Matter?
A thoughtful article by Rob Kling for D-LIB Magazine, on social informatics. A serviceable working conception of "social informatics" is that it identifies a body of research that examines the social aspects of computerization. A more formal definition is "the interdisciplinary study of the design, uses and consequences of information technologies that takes into account their interaction with institutional and cultural contexts."

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