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" It seems that there is an anonymous formula on the internet that assumes that more data will lead to more information, which will in turn generate more knowledge and wisdom,...The missing link in this mystical metaphorism, however, is the critical process that creates knowledge and wisdom from the mass of data"

Howcraft 1999 on pg. 190 - D. Bell

"Proponents of what is variously called virtual ethnography, cyberethnography and cyberspace ethnography argue that cyberspace is a distinct and discrete world, and should be treated as such. "

David Bell pg. 195

"Every ethnography needs a warrant (what right do I have to tell this story?) and a credo (what are the damages I could do and how are they to be avoided?)."

Plummer 1999 on pg. 198 - D. Bell

Q 4. Is it possible/ethical to conduct credible ethnographic (or other qualitative) research within cyberspace?

Sexpics and Trinidad: Ethnography and the Internet Sexpics and Trinidad: Ethnography and the Internet
Ethnography, the method of studying a particular human society through participant observation, has long been used by anthropologists to explore the norms, values and exchanges between different cultural communities. But can the same techniques be applied to communities online?
Online Research Ethics Online Research Ethics
The human subjects research model is increasingly invoked in discussions of ethics for Internet research. Here we seek to question the widespread application of this model, critiquing it through the two themes of space and textual form.