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"For the moment, what we desire is to remap the hegemonic cartography of cyberspace, to politicize the debate, to develop an multicentric theoretical understanding of the cultural, political and aesthetic possibilities of new technology; to exchange a different sort of information (mythopoetical, activist, performative, imagistic) and with humor, inventiveness and intelligence."

"We want to brownify the virtual space, spanglishize the net and infect the lingua franca...find innovative grassroots applications for new technology and link all community centers and artist collectives through the net."
Guillermo Gomez-Pena

African American critical theory provides sophisticated tools for the analysis of cyberculture since it has looked at the problems of multiple identities, fragmented persona, and liminality for over one hundred years = perfect models of postmodern culture."
Kala Tal

Q1. How can the richness of "invisible" cultures become visible in cyberspace and move beyond stereotypic and romantic connotations?

"The ontology of the World Wide Web is more than simply a question of space, sites, or pages; it is fundamentally concerned with links and motion."
R. Shields

Temple of Confessions Temple of Confessions - G. Gomez Pena
Please be aware that the images and icons you are about to encounter may be offensive to your fragile sense of self. You may undergo an identity crisis as a result of this experience.
Earth is the Alien Planet Earth is the Alien Planet: An Afrofuturist Discussion
Futurist themes in black cultural production and the ways in which technological innovation is changing the face of black art and culture.
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